Making time for nature

by | 2 June 2022 | Wildlife, Worksop

As someone passionate about the natural world and lucky enough to work for Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, you might assume I have no trouble getting a regular wildlife ‘fix’. However, like most folk, life often gets in the way, making it tricky to find time for the things which nourish the soul.

We’re all aware of the need to carve out some ‘me time’ from our busy lives to ensure that we’re in the best frame of mind to cope with what life throws at us. For me, spending time in nature isn’t about seeing particular species, it’s about simply being aware of the natural world around me – noticing the bird song or taking in a magnificent sunset. With my job, a garden, an allotment and hobbies including kayaking, I regularly get to experience fleeting moments of wildness, but sometimes feel the need for more than a transient connection.

The pressures of modern life can make it difficult to carve out this time and this is one of the reasons I am genuinely passionate about The Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild challenge, where we ask people to do something connected with nature every day during the month of June. It provides me with the perfect nudge to make a conscious effort to slow down, sit quietly and absorb the natural world around me.

When 30 Days Wild was first mooted, I loved the idea but wondered if people would commit to do something every day. In hindsight I was looking at it all wrong and simply hadn’t appreciated just how good taking part would make people, myself included, feel. For me, 30 Days Wild provides an annual opportunity to reset and remind myself not to take the natural world for granted. With June now upon us, I’m looking forward to revisiting favourite spots and I’m excited about what wildlife I might seek out or stumble across.

There’s still time to take part and even if you only join in for a week or two it’ll do you good and set you up for a wilder summer. If you sign up, we’ll send a 30 Days Wild pack full of ideas and inspiration – with special packs available for schools and businesses too.

For many, connecting with nature was one of the few positives of our shared experience of the pandemic. We recognised just how important nature was to our health and wellbeing and swore that we would find time in future to connect. Two years on, I’m sure I’m not the only one sliding back towards a ‘normal’ – with too little time for connecting with nature – that I hoped wouldn’t return. That’s why I’ll be using 30 Days Wild to put me back on track.

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