In Sam’s Name

by | 9 September 2023 | Support Group, Worksop

In Sam’s Name is a talking and peer support group for men throughout Nottinghamshire who have either been through a challenging time or are currently going through issues that are affecting their mental health. The group holds meetings in Worksop, Retford, Ollerton and Kirkby in Ashfield and holds a monthly Walk and Talk in Worksop.

In Sam’s Name – For Her has recently been launched and this is a group for ladies that are finding life a little challenging and can be around other ladies in a similar situation, with their meetings been held in Worksop and Beighton.

On 16th October 2021 Sam ‘Sponge’ Fisher unfortunately passed away through tragic circumstances. On the outside Sam had a lust for life but unfortunately suffered mental health issues which had a major effect on his health and wellbeing. Sam, Sponge, Mr Fisher as he was referred to amongst everyone was a cheeky, loveable character with a heart of gold. His passions were teaching, music, football and fashion. He would always greet you with “Alreyt Bod” a term of affection he bestowed on his friends.

With not wanting another family to go through losing another son, brother or husband to suicide, Sam’s friend, Richard McHugh, wanted to create a safe place for males breaking the stigma of talking about their mental health and realising they are not alone. The groups allow people to share their story in a non judgemental environment finding strength and support from others in a similar situation.

In England in 2021 there were 5,219 deaths registered as suicide with men being three times more likely to take their own lives then women.

For further information regarding their meetings and walks email or visit

For immediate support, you can contact a Samaritan on 116 123 or