Garden wildlife in October

by | 12 October 2021 | Environment, Wildlife, Worksop

October already and the gardeners inevitably think about tidying things up for the coming winter, however, if you’re a wildlife lover, there may be more important things than an immaculately tidy garden.
The hedgehogs and butterflies, moths, bees, and bats that we’ve enjoyed through the summer are reaching a critical stage in their lives when they need to hibernate for the winter. Hedgehogs need a plentiful food supply to gain enough weight to survive what can be a long period without, so regularly sprinkling a few dry cat biscuits around the garden and having a supply of water available is vital now and can make all the difference to their chances of seeing them next spring.
All hibernating creatures need safe places to snooze away the winter months. There are some lovely hedgehog homes, frog boxes and bug hotels available but perhaps all that is needed is a pile of logs and leaves or some long grass in a quiet corner of the garden. Important too not to cut back all your shrubs and plants. Leave the birds a sheltered place to sleep and the overwintering butterflies somewhere to hide. Save your energy for pruning in the spring, ditch the slug pellets and buy some wildflower seeds and you’ll be all set to enjoy a wildlife-filled garden next year.
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