Crags Radio: Community radio for North Notts

by | 10 May 2021 | Community facility, Worksop

2021 started with a bit of a celebration in Creswell Village with the launch of a brand new community radio station, Crags Radio. Now, heading for their fourth month since launch, the station is going from strength to strength; continuing to grow the media teams and working toward a better future for local communities.
Located on Elmton Road in Creswell, and serving the North Notts area, Crags Radio has placed itself as a community-driven venture intent on promoting and providing support to local people. Predominantly radio-based, Crags Radio’s main focus is on providing a wide variety of radio shows through their website, app and smart speaker systems, while also providing a platform for podcasts and other audio content.
The station is entirely run by volunteers, from the presenters all the way to Directorship, and has already provided support for local education service, 3iii Training, by offering placements for work experience. Crags Radio also provides free training opportunities for its volunteers, giving them access to Level 2 accredited short courses in a wide variety of subjects.
And Crags Radio don’t plan on stopping there! They have signed up as a training centre for online access courses, and already have plans in place to provide community meeting space, as both open-door and private hire, when restrictions allow. Additionally, Crags Radio are looking to expand into other forms of media in the near future, with talks taking place to work with local areas of interest on mutually beneficial projects.
“This is a very exciting time for us,” said Creative Content Manager, Charli Anderson-Farrar. “We’re looking to expand and provide the best community service possible. It’s going to be tough, especially with restrictions still active, but we will make it work!”