Blitz Redlands Table Tennis Club

by | 12 April 2024 | Hobbies, Sports Club, Worksop

Blitz Redlands Table Tennis Club has been providing competitive and social table tennis in Worksop for over 25 years.

They are open five days a week and currently cater for ages eight to 80. If your ambition is to play in the Olympics they offer intense training and support, but likewise if you just want to play socially, or for a bit of exercise they offer that also.

The Club currently has eight teams playing through the three divisions of the Worksop league, and has room for more if the interest is there. They currently sit top, 2nd and 4th in division one. In division two they sit 2nd and 5th and in division three they are 1st, 2nd and 9th.

From the current crop of talented junior players, they have numerous players competing in National Cadet League (under 15), National Junior League (under 19) and Junior British League. There are three players who have represented Nottinghamshire County junior or cadet teams this season.

There are also many beginners regularly attending coaching sessions, all working hard to improve and become the County players of the future.

The adult section is also thriving. At the top end there is a team competing in the Senior British League; the Club has players representing Nottinghamshire County and even England.

At the same time there are also many casual players keen to have some fun whilst also getting regular exercise.

If this piques your interest, contact the Club for session information, either at or the Blitz Redlands dedicated Facebook page. See what table tennis could offer you; who knows, you might just find a love for this great game.