Bassetlaw Food Bank – drivers wanted

by | 5 August 2023 | Local Charity, Worksop

In 2022, Bassetlaw Food Bank supported 4,985 people with emergency food parcels. Each food parcel contains enough food for one week: seven breakfasts, seven lunches and seven dinners for each person in the household.

As a result each parcel contains multiple bags of food, and for a large family this can be many bags. With Bassetlaw being a rural area, it is easier for service users if the charity delivers the food parcels to them.
The delivery model has been in operation since March 2020, ensuring that the emergency support is accessible to all in need – but this only works thanks to the team of amazing volunteer drivers! They ensure that all 264 square miles of the district are covered by delivering parcels to those who need them on the same day the request is made.

This quick turnaround of support is essential and eases the stress and anxiety service users feel when reaching out for help. Volunteer drivers provide a reassuring presence by delivering parcels discreetly to a household’s doorstep. It really is a role where you can make a difference every day.

Bassetlaw Food Bank is currently looking to recruit more volunteer drivers to help these deliveries, and those of their subsidised fruit and veg box scheme.

If you own your own vehicle and are interested in helping people across Bassetlaw by becoming one of these volunteers, please get in contact at