Bassetlaw Food Bank

by | 2 March 2023 | Local Charity, Worksop

In 2022, Bassetlaw Food Bank delivered emergency food parcels to 4,983 people, including 1,881 children across 2,474 households who are experiencing food insecurity. This is yet another increase on the previous year.

None of this would be possible without the support of the local community. Without your donations of food, clothing, money and goods, this incredible organisation would not be able to provide so many food parcels.

Without a team of fantastic, dedicated volunteers, the Food Bank would not be able to sort those donations, pack the parcels and get them delivered out across Bassetlaw on the scale that is needed. Each request they receive is met thanks to the generosity of the charity’s supporters. Thank you!

The Food Bank anticipates that the beginning of 2023 will see demand for its services grow at a time when many people continue to struggle financially, but with your continued support Bassetlaw Food Bank can continuing providing this valuable service.