Bassetlaw Citizens Advice celebrates 50 years of local service

by | 19 January 2024 | Citizens Advice, Worksop

Bassetlaw Citizens Advice (BCA) is proud to mark 50 years of serving the community since the charity’s founding on 19th September 1973. This also coincided with the official opening ceremony of the group’s new location at 100-102 Bridge Street, Worksop.

BCA was honoured that Barbara Harrison, one of the founders who still supports the charity as a Trustee, ‘cut the ribbon’ along with Louise Edmondson who volunteered as a law student, and is now paid worker at BCA starting her career journey.

In this milestone 50th year, BCA is announcing that it has experienced its busiest period ever, demonstrating the difficulties this cost-of-living crisis is causing in Bassetlaw.

Over the past five decades, BCA has stood as a reliable resource for individuals seeking guidance on various aspects of their lives. In that time, the organisation has assisted on 729,629 enquiries from people within the Bassetlaw community.

The last year demonstrates that the dedicated team of staff and volunteers at Bassetlaw Citizens Advice has gone above and beyond by helping over 9,200 people through 34,444 appointments. The team is incredibly grateful to the support received from partners and funders, who have enabled each and every one of the 50 years to further help those individuals seeking advice.

While BCA started in the Priory Gatehouse, where people were mainly seen in person, the service has evolved to meet the changing needs and preferences of the community. Today, the organisation offers multiple avenues for assistance, including telephone consultations, WhatsApp, and its website, ensuring accessibility for those with busy and complex lives. The traditional in-person service remains available for those who prefer face-to-face interactions from the Worksop and Retford offices and other local venues, including Harworth / Bircotes.

At the 50th birthday celebration, Karen Whitlam (CEO) and Arthur Deakin (Chair) welcomed staff and volunteers both past and present, as well as founders, funders, supporters, volunteers, trustees and staff. They thanked those that give their time, skills and resources to help local people who have trusted BCA with their concerns and asked for advice. The challenges people face are the inspiration for BCA to continue to reduce inequalities and improve access to justice.

No one knows what the next 50 years will bring, but it is certain that BCA will continue to embrace innovation, collaboration and a shared commitment to making a positive difference to the residents of Bassetlaw.

If you have a problem, please visit or call 01909 498888 to request help.