A poem by Donald Magee

by | 18 August 2021 | Community Focus, Education and Learning, Music, Worksop

Worksop Life reader Donald Magee’s poem this month merges music and rhyme as a marriage of sound, beauty and expression. Choose to listen to the music, or not, as you read.

Girl with the flaxen hair
(Debussy La Fille aux cheveux de lin)

She swayed the distance through the crowd
And gathers glances, eye by eye,
Beauty may fade, but not for her
The girl with the flaxen hair.

In languid silence she stole the chatter
Gifted the air with sensous rythym
Yet knew not the effect her grace ensued
On the summer air, full flaxen free
La Fille aux cheveux de Lin.
She paused, and turned gaze upward sought
With shifted head and hair breeze drifted
Scanned the sky, I know not why
But men, so shallow, followed her
And sought her thought, but knew not why,
They all as one stole memories from
The girl who paced the sun burnt square
And quickly strode from collective stare
The girl with the flaxen hair.