What did you do in lockdown?

by | 9 August 2020 | Lions, Sherwood

Did you help the vulnerable, your relatives, friends, neighbour or stranger in any way? Did the results of your help make you feel good inside, knowing you helped the community in some way with whatever you did? Maybe you are still doing it.
The Edwinstowe and Dukeries Lions have been doing their bit during lockdown, and for years – helping people in the community in any way they can. They lend a hand, and more in some cases, because their motto is ‘Kindness Matters’. If you feel you could help the Lions make our community better then call Robert Crampton, the president of Edwinstowe and the Dukeries Lions, on 07815 473802 to find out more about the group.
During lockdown, they have helped a host of people in our area including Kings Mill Hospital, Bassetlaw A&E, Bassetlaw ambulance crews, Bassetlaw Hospital in general, Doncaster Royal Infirmary, Bishops Court care home, individual home visit carers, Pathfinders in Ollerton, Maun Infants, the area physiotherapist team, Forest View Primary, Parkgate Academy Primary and Newark Hospital. They have supplied various PPE, including day wear filtered masks, medically approved goggles, medically approved full face visors, standard medically approved face masks, medically approved gloves, child friendly hand sanitiser, all use hand sanitiser, medical wipes, sore ear stretchers and scrub laundry bags. The Lions have funded all of the above, but special thanks go to Lion John Pearson who has been the main colleague finding and distributing these items.
They were approached by King Edwin School to ask if they could help with the purchase of quite a lot of skipping ropes and they were glad they could help. The children can now do exercise whilst self isolating.
If you think you could help the Lions please contact robert.crampton@gmx.com or call 07815 473802. You could have a chat or even arrange a Zoom meeting with a group of other like-minded people.