The Arts Society Dukeries

by | 16 January 2022 | Art, Group meeting, Hobbies, Sherwood, Social Group

Having returned to the Civic Centre, Carlton-in-Lindrick, where The Arts Society Dukeries can meet together to listen to the lectures, they are now on a winter break – but you are invited to go along to their first meeting in February. Depending on the COVID situation, members and guests will be wearing a face mask for all or part of the meeting and socially distanced seating will be available.

The next lecture is on Wednesday 2nd February 2022. The speaker will be Nigel Bates, and his lecture is titled ‘They Make No Noise – Orchestra / Choir Conductors’.

What is it that the conductors do that makes orchestras respond in so many different ways? Is it a good baton technique? A strong personality? The way they look? And why are there relatively few women found on the podium? Why are the conductors paid so much more than anyone else on the concert platform? Drawing on history and his own musical experiences from well over 6,000 performances and recordings, Nigel seeks out some answers. This lecture contains some rare video footage of conductors in rehearsal and performance.

Tea and coffee will be available from 10.00am, an earlier start in February. Attendees are usually seated by 10.50am, with lectures always starting at 11.00am and finishing at approximately 12.00pm. Car parking is free. Guests are welcome; the cost for this lecture is £7.00.

As well as listening to lectures, a few members help with varied tasks to maintain and preserve the arts and our artistic heritage for the wider community and future generations. These include forming ’Trails of Discovery’.

For nearly 20 years, many Societies have created Trails of Discovery for their local areas. The first Trails were made for children to follow in churches, but more recently there have been new initiatives in other places of worship and historic buildings, and also Trails around towns and villages.    

Then came Memory Trails, designed for use by groups working with those who live with dementia. They guide around a church people living with dementia, with wording to prompt memories and discussion.

The Arts Society Dukeries has made several Trails in this area, including a Memory Trail in Carlton-in-Lindrick and a Village Trail at Scrooby. Children’s Trails in churches can be found at Cuckney, Edwinstowe, Blyth and Carlton-in-Lindrick. Discovering a historic place of worship and its artworks, artefacts and social history can be inspiring and prompt young people to explore the stories behind their local landmarks. It is a joy to see their curiosity come to light.

Recently, a class of Year Six children from Ranby C of E Primary School spent a lovely afternoon following the most recent Trail of Discovery created by the team at the Society, at All Saints’ Church, Babworth. The children enjoyed helping to launch the new Trail and they especially liked trying to find the nine mice in the church – carved wooden mice, the trademark of famous 19th / 20th century furniture maker Robert ‘Mousey’ Thompson.

For further details on the lecture programme, next year’s holiday to the Bristol / Bath area, the intended study / special interest days or the Society in general, please phone Suzanne on 01909 290488 or Gill on 01909 540506, email or or visit