The Arts Society Dukeries

by | 28 May 2021 | Art, Hobbies, Sherwood

The Arts Society Dukeries’ next online lecture is on Wednesday 2nd June at 11.00am, called ‘The Mystery of Holbein’s Ambassadors’. The speaker on this famous painting is Anthony Russell.
Hans Holbein was the first great mainland painter to spend much time in England and he brought with him a sophistication and skill, with far reaching consequences for our country’s artistic development. His ‘Ambassadors’ is recognised by the National Gallery of London as one of its greatest treasures. This lecture looks carefully at this painting, considers the tempestuous circumstances of its creation and the hidden messages concealed within it.
Do you have an interest in the arts? Then, The Arts Society Dukeries could be for you. They normally hold monthly lecture meetings at the Civic Centre, Carlton. Not possible at present, they are offering a varied programme of hourly Zoom lectures for members, plus friends and non-members who can contact them and watch for a small charge of £5.00.
Their July lecture, on 7th July, is about the Elgin Marbles and their speaker is Stephen Kershaw.
For further details please call Chairman Suzanne on 01909 290488 or visit