Nottinghamshire Environmental Association

by | 30 April 2024 | Environment, Heritage, Hobbies, Sherwood

Hannah Sylvester, who describes herself as ‘The District Herbalist’ has worked as a Medical Herbalist since 2020. She runs her own clinic and helps train the next generation of medical herbalists. She loves to share her enthusiasm for the subject with other people.

Most importantly, Hannah outlined to the 28 members and three visitors at Nottinghamshire Environmental Association’s April meeting the safety issues surrounding the use of herbal medicines. Common plants can be taken in all different forms – fresh, powered, as a decoction, a tea or infusion – depending on the condition they are used to treat. But each must be used with knowledge care by each individual using them.

The group learned about the herbal benefits of a range of common plants including nettles, dandelions and plantain. Members heard that Marsh Mallow, which was originally used to make marshmallow sweets, has benefits for acid reflux, and that Yarrow is a useful styptic – ie it stops blood flowing – and was used to treat wounds in wartime.

Finally, Hannah talked about the benefits of common garden herbs, such as Sage (for sore throats and lung conditions), Rosemary (to improve blood flow and stimulate memory) and Thyme (for chesty coughs and as a foot bath to aid circulation). The ‘Mints’ – such as spearmint and peppermint, which are more effective fresh – are used to treat headaches and digestive disorders, amongst other things.

16th May sees the start of the Association’s ‘Outdoor Season’. RSPB Frampton Marsh Reserve will be visited in the morning and the National Trust’s Peckover House will be the venue in the afternoon. Then 11th June sees a visit to the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln.

For further information please contact Adrian Blackburn – or call / text 07718 766873 or Paul Willcock – or call / text on 07581 531595. New members are always very welcome.