Museums of Tuxford

by | 31 May 2024 | Community facility, Heritage, Sherwood

Both Museums in Tuxford are busy with new projects.
The Walks of Life Museum has made improvements to the rural barn, with a new floor and electric thanks to the UKSPF grant. This will enable the Museum to enhance its displays and hold events that benefit the community.

The Museum is exploring the history of individual carts, starting with a Scout cart. They have found that the troop still exists, and have been in touch; they are now awaiting the Scout history to display alongside the cart.

Staff are taking part in the vigil at the War Memorial on the 80th anniversary of D-Day, recognising the sacrifices of those affected by war. If it was not for bravery of those who fought, so many giving their lives, we would probably be leading a very different life today.

A Tuxford hero from World War I was Fred Curry, who served from 1915 as a gunner, riding the lead horse of a gun team pulling a gun in tow. This was an incredibly dangerous job – not only was Fred responsible for controlling the team under very difficult and frightening conditions, but gun teams were a prime target for the Germans to stop the guns getting to the front.

Fred’s grandson, writing about him, said he regretted not saving his spurs. The Museum of the Horse has a display of military spurs worn by brave men in wars from the 17th to 20th centuries.

These were terrible times, so the spurs it is nicest to remember are dancing spurs. These were decorative spurs worn by officers in the days of Waterloo. Wives were taken to war, and balls were held before battle. These spurs looked like riding spurs, but the rowels smooth rather than spiked so they didn’t tear the ladies’ skirts if they got caught.

The new exhibition is on until September. For more information on the Walks of Life Museum, contact Diane on 01777 872776. For more information about the Museum of the Horse, contact Sally on 01777 838234.