Markham Players present…

by | 27 January 2023 | Performing Arts, Sherwood

Puss in Boots! A pantomime by Sara Clark:

Good morrow to you one and all and to you kids hello!
We have a little panto, we thought you’d like to know.
It’s all about a cat, who’s cunning, cute and black,
He goes about his business with a rather heavy sack.
We have a dame, she’s oh so great, in many ways, you know,
We have a baddie, oh so evil, who stoops to an all-time low!
But best of all we have our Billy, who meets a pretty maid,
She’s the princess in disguise, who’s definitely not afraid.
The ‘pretty maid’s mum and dad, the worried king and queen,
Ask Billy to free their princess girl, from the baddie oh so mean!
Will Billy succeed, in his daunting task?  Will Puss help to save the day?
Come along, and see for yourself, what happens in the ensuing melee!

Matinee and evening performances will take place at Dunham Village Hall on Saturday 4th February.

At East Markham Village Hall, there will be an evening performance on Friday 10th and matinee and evening performances on Saturday 11th February.

Tickets are £7.50 adults, £5.50 children; family ticket (two adults, two children) £24.00.

Tickets can be obtained from Sally Mitchell Galleries, Tuxford or phone 01777 871227 for more information (evenings only please).

Are the Markham Players are looking forward to seeing you there? Oh yes they are!