Lions really need your help (or rather Santa does)

by | 27 October 2023 | Lions, Sherwood

You can’t escape the mention of Christmas in this month’s magazine, and Edwinstowe and the Dukeries Lions Club describe the time of year as vital to their fundraising.

A huge chunk of what they give away to needy causes is raised in December. Their too-small band of members work tirelessly throughout the month helping Santa visit as many children, young and old, as possible. It is a huge task and thankless at times, often thwarted by the weather and lack of helpers. But they always try their hardest to cover Edwinstowe, Ollerton, Bilsthorpe, Walesby and a few other nearby areas.

This year they are desperately in need of collectors for Edwinstowe and Bilsthorpe. Can you help?

The Club are grateful to volunteers from the wonderful R.O.B. organisation, based at Boughton camp, for the Ollerton collections, although they may need a little support also.

Apart from collectors, there may be a need for a ‘tower’ or two following the sad loss of one of their most loyal and hardworking members this year, who had towed most nights. He is impossible to replace but they need the help.

The Lions normally do a whole week in Edwinstowe and almost the same in Bilsthorpe and with the expansion of the villages in recent years they have more ground to cover. They may have to work smarter and are considering parking the sleigh a few more times so people can travel to them.

The club currently has 12 active members but they really need at least 20. They all love what they do and are very close and sociable. They have one business meeting per month plus one social meeting per month. Both are important; the first to respond to requests and organise events and the other for bonding and having fun.

Please consider joining the friendly band of Lions. To find out more contact Jon Yarwood on 07581 265531 or