Inner Wheel Warsop

by | 13 December 2023 | Inner Wheel, Sherwood, Social Group

On Wednesday 1st November members of Inner Wheel joined together to celebrate Warsop Inner Wheel’s 51st Birthday Charter, hosted by President Sharlotte Somerville. The event was held at The Oaklands, Warsop, and over 60 guests joined together to celebrate the wonderful evening. The night started off with introductions of District 22 Chairwoman Mary Hind and Member of Council Anne Lyons, whom the club were delighted to have join them in their celebrations.

After introductions were made, members of the committee had the honour of lighting the candles for the past, present, future and international. Past President Christine Parkin lit the candle to the past, President Sharlotte lit the candle to the present, the club’s youngest member Emily Somerville lit the candle to the future and International Officer Joan Green lit the international candle.

The members gave a small speech explaining why they are lighting each candle and the club’s past presidents also lit their own candle to the past. Shortly after President Sharlotte and Chairwoman Mary cut the beautiful Charter cake.

The food selected for the evening was a Hog Roast provided by Barlows, and this went down a treat. They also provided desserts, which included a selection of cheesecakes and brownies, and thanks are given to Barlows for their support with the event.

After food had settled and guests had a warm drink, the next part of the event was the Roll Call. This was done a little differently from previous years, where instead of standing when their cub was called out, there were blue and yellow flags provided which all members held up high and proud! They were also an added little keepsake to take home with them. Alongside the flags, each guest was given a beautiful, handmade decoupage candle holder to keep, made by President Sharlotte herself.

Member Christine Fretwell had created magnificent flower displays for the centre of each table, which were presented to the special guests at the end of the evening as a thank you. The very last part of the evening was the disco, DJ’d by Jacob Jepson.

President Sharlotte, her committee and the club had a brilliant and they have had great feedback on the evening.

Then on Saturday 4th November, five members (and two husbands!) met at Dukeries Garden Centre for an autumn walk, but the weather was not on their side so coffee and cake was enjoyed instead!

If you would be interested in joining Inner Wheel of Warsop, contact Membership Officer Elaine Hopkins at or call 07731 678521.