The Inner Wheel Club of Sherwood Forest celebrated Inner Wheel Day at President Pat’s home, by enjoying a lovely lunch before filling Joy and Toy bags for the National Police Convoy. A huge bag of stamps appeared, it was not a case of knit and natter but trim and natter.

Three members attended Rally Day and Secretary Shirley Isard travelled to Cardiff for the conference and reported back to our club. Their fundraising afternoon tea for President Pat’s charity had an unfortunate outcome as the speaker failed to arrive. Rising to the challenge, the guests gave impromptu speeches. Rotary President Derek Storton and his wife Heather, spoke about breeding Bassett Hounds and showing them. They eventually became judges and travelled extensively in this capacity. Rotorian Sue Bevan and Honory Rotarian Denise Buckley informed everyone about the Major Oak Pop Choir. Finally, Joy Allison gave an amusing summary on speakers who do not attend functions.