Climate change – global warming

by | 18 July 2021 | Environment, Sherwood

While global fossil fuel reductions could still have been gradual, we wasted over 35 years of scientific warnings. We now will have to pay a painful price.

How did we ever get in this mess?
There are many reasons why we have ignored over 35 years of valid warnings. A key reason is that the recognised world authority on global warming, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC,) has failed to adequately inform us as to the real risks and urgency of our crisis.
However, the individuals who create the final reports and predictions are caught in the slow and conservative bureaucracy of an international entity, which must not only seek member consensus and funding but also avoid panicking the public.
This is in no way a criticism of the underlying valid science of global warming. Research contributions from thousands of hard-working and honest climate scientists make up the IPCC summary analysis reports. There is a vast consensus of climate scientists who, as a whole, agree that global warming has human causation and one of the largest human causes is the burning of fossil fuels.

Global warming emergency
There are 12 major global crises fuelling and accelerating the unfolding of the collapse we all face over the next few decades. Of these, there are four critical atmospheric carbon-based global warming accelerating tipping points and deadlines to remember. The consequences are not only far worse than we are being told; they are coming far sooner than we are being told. The four critical points are:

  • 2025, the first initiating triggering point – CO2 reaching 425 to 450 ppm
  • 2042 to 2067 or earlier, the second is runaway global ice melt, (carbon 500 ppm)
  • 2063 to 2072 or earlier, the third is massive methane release, (carbon 600 ppm)
  • Post-2072, the fourth is runaway global warming temperature (carbon 750 ppm)

Of these, 2025 is the most important. Currently CO2 levels are on course to reach 425 to 450 ppm, which would push global warming over 2°c. This would make any realistic or practical control of our global warming future to prevent mass extinction, all but over for centuries to thousands of years. If we pass all four critical deadlines and tipping points, not only will we experience mass human, animal, and biological extinction, we will also experience widespread economic, social, and political chaos within our lifetimes.
Because of coming global warming-related consequences, much of humanity will be extinct by mid-century – and there is little we can still do to stop this tragedy!
With the exception of a growing number of scientists and intelligence agency analysts, most people have no idea that a massive extinction and collapse crisis is already unfolding. Most individuals, who have heard about it, do not believe it.
This denial is understandable because the idea of a catastrophic global collapse and extinction process already in progress is overwhelmingly frightening, far too complex to fully understand, and completely unheard of in previous human history. Our understanding and our preparation will be a key factor affecting our future comfort and safety – our location could even determine the best chance for survival.
Subsequent monthly articles will cover each of global crises in turn and give references and evidence. These crises are all interlinked. If any one of them worsens, it can cause some or even most of the other crises to worsen.
Global warming is a catastrophe, but simultaneously could be humanity’s greatest opportunity to resolve intractable problems and inequities that could not (and have not,) been solved ever before. The final article in this series will point toward the information that will describe how this global crisis can be transformed into humanity’s greatest opportunity.
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Pauline Meechan
Sherwood Forest Friends of the Earth