Climate change: Eight ways to help the environment

by | 20 June 2022 | Environment, Sherwood

We can all help the environment by making sustainable choices. It is easy to feel helpless when faced with worrying statistics about rising temperatures, sea levels and carbon emissions. We might ask ourselves why should we reduce, reuse and recycle while global corporations continue to burn fossil fuels in vast quantities, but every single action matters. The choices we collectively make on a day-to-day basis can help make a difference.
There are eight ways we can help protect the planet through small lifestyle changes.

Eat fruit and veg in season

Many of the fruit and vegetables we buy in supermarkets are flown in from far-flung destinations. Eating home grown or local produce that is in season is an eco-friendlier option. It reduces the food miles that each item has travelled to reach our plate, limits harmful greenhouse gas emissions and also reduces the need for pesticides, herbicides and preservatives to allow for long shelf life and transit times.

Reduce food waste

Food waste causes more global greenhouse gas emissions annually than the aviation industry. One of the easiest ways to cut down on food waste is simply to buy what we need and eat what we buy.

Cook at home

Ordering food in via takeaways and deliveries generates emissions from delivery vehicles, so cook at home more.

Spread the word

Social media is another powerful tool for highlighting important issues. Sharing a post or acknowledging another will build a larger voice globally.

Carry a reusable water bottle

“Switching from a single use plastic bottle to a reusable one can ensure you’re not contributing to the thousands of plastic bottles littered every day in the UK,” says Fin Cope, founder of Ethical Marketplace.

Go green in the garden

In the garden, peat-free compost is a great starting point when shopping sustainably and has brilliant environmental benefits because harvesting peat can release greenhouse gases. Also, the use of insecticides can lead to insect resistance, the accumulation of harmful chemicals in the ecosystem, and even the death of harmless insects, such as bees.

Optimise air travel

If we cannot avoid flying, we can optimise our travel by flying direct and taking non-stop flights in economy. Check flight times, as flying at night causes more global warming as vapor trails trap more heat at night, and packing light can save jet fuel.

Get involved with activism

Government policy change is required for most decisions that fuel climate change. We can ensure our concerns are heard by getting involved with local activism, signing petitions and emailing our MPs. Find local groups who share your views and show your support.
When we all work together there is so much potential for change and every small action counts when multiplied by the millions who take that action.
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Pauline Meechan
Sherwood Forest Friends of the Earth