Beware imposter ‘Citizens Advice’ cold callers offering debt help

by | 18 June 2018 | Citizens Advice, Sherwood

Sherwood and Newark Citizens Advice is warning people to be on their guard against fake ‘Citizens Advice’ cold callers, who promise help with debts. The charity never calls people out of the blue offering to set up a plan to settle debts — and urges people who receive such calls to report it as a scam.

Anyone with money worries can contact the charity for free, independent advice to help resolve their debt problems.
Lesley Barrick, Advice Service Manager at Sherwood and Newark Citizens Advice said: “This is a despicable scam that trades on public trust in our service.

“No-one from Citizens Advice will ever phone or text someone out of the blue to offer debt management services. Anyone who gets a bogus call like this should end the call as quickly as possible, never give or confirm any personal information, and report it immediately to Action Fraud.

“We also want to reassure anyone experiencing debt or money worries that we can help. Whether you’ve just started to miss payments or are struggling with multiple debts, we can help you make sense of your finances and understand your options.”

To report fake ‘Citizens Advice’ cold calls contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.