At the heart of the community

by | 12 January 2018 | Residents Association, Sherwood

On a sunny autumnal morning, residents of Ollerton Village gathered for the opening ceremony of the installation of a defibrillator in Market Place, after many months of enthusiastic fundraising. The event was organised by Ollerton Village Residents Association and led by the eminent cardiologist Professor Golshetti, who gave a presentation, and he was joined by Neil McLafferty who championed the idea of a defibrillator for the village. Afterwards CPR (primary survey), defibrillator, chocking and paediatric first aid training was led by Paul McLafferty of Gold Standard Training.
After the ceremony Professor Golshetti said: “The original formulation of defibrillators was for hospital use but now we have these wonderful portable devices within the community, when used together with CPR provides a valuable, immediate response in life saving situations.”

Steve Long, chairman of Ollerton Village Residents Association, commented: “The provision, funding and installation of the defibrillator in Ollerton Village is a great example of community action and spirit. We are extremely grateful to all those who have been involved in the fundraising activities and voluntary effort in getting the installation completed. The training session showed a great interest and a willingness to help others, with 35 people attending an interesting and valuable hands on experience.”

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