Even though it is now February, we can still say Happy New Year! Although some resolutions will have gone by the board already — some may have stuck and become habits. Apparently, it takes quite a while before something new becomes a habit in your life so we must be patient with this.

Some of our new ‘habits’ will be more pleasurable than others. For instance, deciding to learn to play the ukulele with Brett and Sarah on a Monday night at Tickhill Parish Room is a nice, pleasant ‘habit’, even if it takes a while.
Yoga is another pleasant ‘habit’ which is helping keep our bodies fit and supple — but this may be harder than learning a musical instrument and a certain amount of hard work must go into it.

Children need routine in their lives — we are told — to help them turn into well-rounded adults. They could start early with the Spanishtastic classes on a Tuesday, with Laura, and the Sounds Phonics classes on a Wednesday morning, with Jenny. Both are very popular classes at Tickhill Parish Room.
Other new ‘habits’ to be practised in the Parish Room are as follows:

  • Every first Wednesday of the month sees the WI meeting at 2.00pm and the Francophiles group at 7.30pm.
  • Every third Wednesday of the month presents another film choice for the Tickhill Film Society, February’s film being on the 19th with Bohemian Rhapsody. This is a marvellous film and should not be missed. Only £6.00 per visitor or £45.00 to join for a season.
  • Ongoing throughout the year are Oracle Soul Goddess Healing Circle meetings with Cat. Cat is an Intuitive Soul Alchemist and teaches Reiki Healing. For more details of her courses visit her website, www.crystalorclegoddess.com.

A very pleasant ‘habit’ to think about starting is to call in for coffee every Saturday at the regular coffee morning. Meet your friends, make new ones and treat yourself to a hot drink and whatever tasty treat is on offer that day, be it scones or toasted teacakes or delicious (very often homemade) cake.

If you feel you would like to volunteer to help at a coffee morning once in a while — please have a chat with Noreen Sweed. You can call her on 01302 743293 or pop in on a Saturday for a chat with her. Or call Janice Birkinshaw on 07590 455340. It could be one of your New Year’s Resolutions!

For more details on the above events (or are they new ‘habits’ by now?!) or information on how to hire the lovely hall for your own event/function/fundraiser, call Janice on 07590 455340.