The Meeting Place drop-in sessions

by | 11 September 2018 | Local Charity, Rotherham, Social Group, Support Group

The Meeting Place offers a weekly drop-in session for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities in the Rotherham area. We also organise affordable social events, discos, barbecues, day trips and supported holidays throughout the year for our customers.

Peter Jackson and Julie Haystead deliver this service at The Meeting Place, 48 Wensleydale Road Wingfield, under the company name of Jupeter 61 Ltd. It is a social enterprise, which means that any profits will be reinvested back into the business for the benefit of those who attend.

We have been able to redecorate the building inside and out, using money raised for us in part by The National Citizens Society, in-house fundraising and private donations from family and friends of staff and service users. Tesco Bags of Help provided a new kitchen and we have also been fortunate enough to secure funding from The Lottery, which enabled us to purchase new furnishings and equipment, all of which has given the old building a new lease of life and made it more user friendly. Further funding from Social Enterprize and Rotherfed has also provided laptops, printers and a large TV.

We offer the best value for money service in the Rotherham area, with very low admission charges to our drop-ins costing £6.50 per person for three hours, and we provide a wide range of affordable food and drinks.
We also host regular discos at the Eastdene Club on Doncaster Road, charging £5.00 entry and free raffle tickets for a prize draw,

Our day trips to the coast are always well supported and provide an exciting fun day out for many people who would otherwise be unable to enjoy a day away at the coast with friends.

Over the past year we have added supported holidays to our list of services, enabling small groups of like-minded people to spend a short break away from home, enjoying the company of their friends, sightseeing and taking in a show. These supported holidays are very enjoyable for our service users and often they provide much needed respite for families and carers.

The service acts as a starting point for individuals who have struggled to maintain friendships or who have little or no social circle, we also provide advice, mentoring and signposting services. We have worked with many people who use The Meeting Place and their families over a number of years and have built up very close relationships with the vast majority of the individuals and their families. Our staff are fully trained, widely experienced and fully insured. No other business in the area provides as comprehensive a service for our low prices and we welcome anyone wishing to pay through direct payments. If anyone wishes to join our groups or if you know someone in need of our support, please call Pete on 07769 916314, or Julie on 07432 718528 for more information. You can also find us on Facebook or visit our website