St Bartholomew’s Church, Maltby

by | 3 July 2020 | Notice, Rotherham

March, April, May and June have been super quiet months at St Bartholomew’s Church, Maltby. The church building has been closed with no services, weddings, funerals or baptisms. Members of the congregation have been trying to keep in touch with everyone by phone and email, helping when they can. Lockdown has led to a lot of loneliness!

On a more positive note, the work on the church roof is almost completed and it’s looking very smart. Have a walk down and have a look at what your money has bought.

They’re hoping they will be able to open the church for a few hours each week soon for anyone who would like to sit quietly in the peaceful atmosphere of the church to think, reflect or pray about our current problems. More details will be available when government regulations allow them to do this.

Good wishes to all who have survived the ordeals of lockdown. Keep looking after yourself and remember “tomorrow will be a good day”.