Sing it out!

by | 15 April 2023 | Education and Learning, Hobbies, Rotherham, Social Group, U3A

The human voice is the oldest musical instrument in the world, and singing predates the development of speech.

Crooning to an infant or lover, keening for the loss of a loved one, whooping for joy or triumph can be understood without words. Together with facial expression, and body movements, pitch and rhythm of sounds usually make the meaning clear.

Physical limitations apart, everyone has a voice. Moreover, most people sing, even if only when alone, and the song reflects their current mood. Research shows that singing has positive effects on emotions, relieves anxiety, improves lung capacity and relaxes the body.

Whereas singing alone is good, singing with a group has the added bonus of companionship and shared laughter – especially in a group whose members sing for the sheer joy of singing. The clue is in the group’s name: ‘Singing for Fun’. This Rotherham u3a group is a lively, friendly group of mixed-ability singers. No need to be a super-singer or to have perfect pitch: just an enjoyment of singing.

Old songs, new songs, foot-tappers and memory-joggers, music hall, folk songs popular songs – nothing is ruled out. Recent sessions featured songs ranging from the Beatles, John Denver and Abba catalogues through old comedy songs like Nellie the Elephant and Glorious Mud to Scotland’s unofficial national anthem Flower of Scotland.

Non-members are welcome to try this and any u3a group for a maximum of two sessions before deciding whether to join. For more information contact Denise Young on 01709 306550 or visit