Rotherham u3a

by | 7 November 2023 | Education and Learning, Hobbies, Rotherham, Social Group, U3A

‘Learn, Laugh and Live’ – the strapline of the u3a. With almost 40 group activities to choose from in Rotherham, there are plenty of things to learn, and within each group you’ll find companions with whom to share ideas, news and laughter. Many members report that joining the u3a transformed their daily routine from humdrum to Life with a capital L.

Lasting friendships are forged, concerts and parties enjoyed, and special occasions celebrated together. More recently, social get-togethers have been introduced at four- to six-week intervals. Sometimes purely informative; sometimes simply a chat, a quiz, or a sing-along. Always with light refreshments.

Unusually, in November there will be two gatherings. The first involves a visit from South Yorkshire Ambulance Service, when up to 30 Rotherham u3a members will learn how to operate a defibrillator and give CPR.

The second is a visit from Fiona Wilson of the Samaritans, who will give a talk about the organisation and its work. Two excellent opportunities to learn about hearts and minds.

It’s well established that there is a clear link between the heart and the brain. Messages pass between them in both directions, although more pass from heart to brain than vice versa. The heart’s action influences the part of the brain responsible for emotions, which is why emotions are felt in our hearts as well as our minds.

Health experts suggest that taking up a new hobby, exercising, opening yourself to others, and listing personal reasons to be thankful, are some of the ways to combat depression / heartache and improve physical health. Joining the u3a fills this prescription beautifully.

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