Rotherham Sitwell Rotary Club May 2021

by | 15 May 2021 | Rotary, Rotherham

It is now a year since Rotherham Sitwell Rotary Club members have been able to meet in person. The experience has confirmed that belonging to the club is so much more than going to the Carlton Park each week. Fellowship is the life blood of Rotary and underpins everything they do.
Strangely, this year has given the club many opportunities to promote what they do and they need to capitalise on this. Surely it can’t be a coincidence that the recent public appeal to fund the repair of the minibus used by them to deliver food to local foodbanks raised over £1,300. The excess funds raised have been transferred to the foodbank appeal.
It will soon be a year since the club started supporting Rotherham Foodbank. Together with Morrisons, other organisations and individuals, they have been able to deliver £40,000 worth of food to those in need in our town. Stephen Prosser, Manager of Rotherham Foodbank, reported the latest update (2nd April) as follows: “The amount of stock that Rotherham Sitwell Rotary has donated to the Foodbank during the lockdown period amounts to 14.3 tonnes, the equivalent of 16,015 meals. Once again, I can only thank everyone who has been involved in this incredible effort. You guys have pretty much sustained us through this COVID period and make it possible for us to help literally thousands of people.”
The club have also given support to Rotherham Minster Social Supermarket, the Unity Centre and the Lighthouse. The successful South Yorkshire Community Fund bid with Rotherham Rotary has enabled them to support numerous smaller foodbanks around the borough and they thank Giles Bloomer of Rotherham Rotary for all the hard work he put into the project. The club made their final foodbank delivery on 20th April and they would like to thank Roger Green and Steve Burns for being there every week whatever the weather to enable this to happen. Thanks also to their newest Rotarian Martin Davis for the loan of the minibus for many, many months.
As usual, March has been a busy month. Thank you to the members who tried their best to hoodwink their fellow Rotarians when they played ‘Would I Lie to You’. Their speaker this month was Councillor Ken Wyatt, who gave a fascinating insight into local history in the Swinton area.
Well done to Steve Burns, Chris Williams, Paul Daniels and Alan Holloway for winning their round in the District Quiz and we wish them luck as they go for gold in the final.
The best news has been left till last. On Thursday 1st April they celebrated the induction of Martin Davis as a new member of Rotherham Sitwell Rotary.

Some of their forthcoming meeting

  • 13th May: Speaker – Craig Cox from the Lighthouse Project.
  • 27th May: Speaker – Waverley Advanced Manufacturing Park.

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