Rotherham Sitwell Rotary Club

by | 7 April 2022 | Group meeting, Hobbies, Local Charity, Rotary, Rotherham

23rd February was World Rotary Day and to mark the occasion Rotherham Sitwell donated £400 of grocery items to the Rotherham Minster Social Supermarket. Morrisons of Parkgate (where the food was purchased) supplied an additional £150 of extra items. On top of that Rotarian Martin Davis, who helped deliver the food in his campervan, donated £50 of Easter eggs bringing the total donation to £600.

In early March Rotherham Sitwell Rotary also helped to run a bar at the Magna Real Ale Festival. Apart from being great fun, the Club was also helping to support local charities. Find out more about the club at