Rotherham Freemasons

by | 13 June 2022 | Rotherham, Social Group

The Rotherham Freemasons Open Day at the Masonic Rooms, Rotherham Golf Club, on Saturday 30th April was very well attended and a great success. Freemasons recently moved to the area from other regions and countries attended, and hopefully will become joining members. Others attended showing an interest in freemasonry and what it has to offer.

Freemasons’ family members and several Lodge Widows also came, and the event was also boosted by the attendance of members of the Military Community Veterans Club with their display van. Recently their group has benefitted from the Provincial Grand Master’s Fund, and they were showing their appreciation.

The Widows’ Sons and Classics on the Square were also represented. One interesting outcome was when a lady visitor asked about her Grandfather’s brother, a former Mayor of Rotherham and possibly a Freemason. She was delighted when she was informed that the man in question was George Henry Lodge, a member of Fitzwilliam Lodge No 3023 and the Worshipful Master in 1933.

The event was well worth the effort and will be repeated in the future.