Ravenfield Ponds

by | 14 June 2022 | Hobbies, Rotherham

The excellent traditional fishery, situated within Ravenfield Park in the outskirts of old Ravenfield, is still very popular with anglers from all over South Yorkshire.

The venue offers a membership to anyone wishing to have an annual permit from a 300 year old carp specimen pond to a special Tench and Crucian pond.

Anyone joining Ravenfield Ponds will receive a free extra membership to Kilnhurst and District Angling Alliance worth £25.00.
If you are an angler that has a competitive edge the fishery hosts over 80 matches throughout the season.
From specimen carp fishing to getting your children outside, off their Xboxes onto tackle boxes, Ravenfield Ponds has something for everyone.

For more information or to join visit www.ravenfieldponds.co.uk, call 01709 363788 or visit the Phoenix Pavilion office Monday to Friday.

Happy fishing!