Ravenfield Ponds

by | 8 June 2024 | Community facility, Hobbies, Rotherham, Sports Club

There’s lots going on at Ravenfield Ponds this spring.
The new membership system is up and running. For the first time in the group’s history, anglers can join Ravenfield Ponds for a full annual membership from the day they join. This is already proving popular with new members and renewing members.

As anyone who has visited the Park recently can attest, the bluebells are in bloom and flora and fauna are enjoying the sunshine when it arrives!

The Ponds aims to have one of the best Tench and Crucian Carp fisheries South Yorkshire. The Kingfisher Pond has proven popular with new members.

While the park at Ravenfield is going well, as much attention is also lavished another excellent local fishery at Kilnhurst.

Travel along Springfield Road to the very end and you’ll come across Bakers Pond. A former puddle of a fishing pond 30 years ago, it’s been transformed into a beautiful oasis of colour.

To achieve this excellent aquatic environment, the committee provides nature with a little extra help; chalk is added to reduce the PH level and help to desilt the pond.

It can be a messy process, but once it has dissolved bacteria help to break up and remove the silt.

There is lots more to come in the summer at Ravenfield Ponds! Find out more at www.ravenfieldponds.co.uk.