Ravenfield Angling Ponds

by | 8 December 2019 | Hobbies, Rotherham

Anglers who are part of Ravenfield Ponds Angling Club, and who fish in six ponds at the beautiful Ravenfield Park, have come up with two novel suggestions for Christmas presents for families who can’t think what to buy family or friends who are devoted anglers.

One is to buy a Christmas voucher which can be exchanged for an annual membership of the club, beginning on 1st April, to fish both at the ponds and other local waters available to members. Full details of the club and its waters can be seen at www.ravenfieldponds.co.uk with membership fees at www.ravenfieldponds.co.uk/membership.

A second is to purchase a copy of the book ‘The history of Ravenfield Ponds…and the anglers that fished there’, which details the history of the ponds from as far back at the 18th century and gives details of how, over the last 40 years, the club have worked hard to repair the years of neglect to return the park to its former glory, repairing and extending the fishery to what it is today, in doing so. The book is priced £10.00.

Copies of the book and vouchers can be obtained from Phoenix Sports and Recreation, Bawtry Road, Brinsworth. Call 01709 363788 or email sinead.gallagher.phoenix@gmail.com for further details. The book can also be obtained from the author on 07871 641357.