People in Need Worldwide

by | 14 May 2018 | Local Charity, Rotherham

People In Need Worldwide is a local charity which has been visiting Romania for over 25 years, and seriously making a difference. Joe Walker and Danny Thompson met whilst visiting an orphanage in the 1980s, and set up the charity together. They visit Romania each year for a couple of months, to set up new projects, and meet local helpers who look after their projects all year round, to ensure they are all operating successfully. So far they have installed three sensory rooms to help children with severe difficulties experience a whole new world — and they have also refurbished a number of properties to provide space for youth and community centres.
A letter from the most recent area to have a centre says it all:

“Hello, We can say that our dream of having a sensory room has now come true.
I want to thank you on behalf of the children and parents who joined the therapeutic program and will benefit from sensory stimulation.
To start with, that means that until the 1st of July the children from our Placement Centre are the first ones that benefit from it. We noticed their interest in exploring, relaxing and that gives me faith that a part of their healing problems will diminish.
After the 1st of July there will be children from the local community as well, we already have requests. Before then the designated person to work in this sensory room will be fully trained. We are certain that this sensory room is a safe space adapted to the needs of every child and the progress will show.
Once again, thank you for your effort!
Kindest regards, Mirela & Geta”.

People in Need rely on donations to do their work, and Rotherham Sitwell Rotary Club is delighted to be one of their regular supporters.