Luke’s 100km challenge for Rotherham Hospice

by | 14 January 2024 | Local Charity, Rotherham

Last November, Rotherham Hospice launched their 100km Virtual Fundraiser, challenging the people of Rotherham to run 100km in the month of November. One person that signed up was Luke Dalton, a 14-year-old who, despite facing a challenging health condition that has led him to walk on crutches for the past three years, took on the challenge and to support a cause close to his heart – Rotherham Hospice.

Luke’s journey has been marked by perseverance and a relentless spirit. For three years, he navigated life on crutches, confronting the obstacles that came with his spine and leg issues. However, rather than succumbing to his circumstances, Luke decided to take charge of his recovery. He said :”I am now getting back to full strength and want to do this as part of my recovery.”

Luke’s participation in the Rotherham Hospice 100km Challenge is more than just a personal milestone. It is a heartfelt effort to give back to an organisation that has played a vital role in his community. Luke aimed to raise funds to support the Hospice to continue caring for our Rotherham community.

In a show of solidarity, Luke’s 16-year-old sister, Skye, and his cousin, Daniel, joined him on this extraordinary mission. The trio set an ambitious goal of completing 100km each in the month of November, a testament to their collective determination and shared commitment to making a difference. Not only did they smash the distance, but they also hit their fundraising goal too, raising over £300 for hospice care.

In the face of adversity, Luke’s story is a shining example of resilience, determination, and compassion.

Rotherham Hospice cares for people and their families experiencing an end-of-life illness, both physically and emotionally. As a charity, Rotherham Hospice needs to raise £3 million each year to fund vital end-of-life services and we can only do it thanks to our amazing supporters like Luke.

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