How Rotherfed supports community groups

by | 20 January 2024 | Community Focus, Local Charity, Rotherham, Support Group

Rotherham Federation (Rotherfed) is community-led and owned by their members, who set their direction and values. They celebrate diversity, inclusion, and creativity in everything they do and help to build stronger, more capable communities, which empower people to speak up and create their own solutions.

Their skilled staff team and board together have extensive experience of helping communities work. They excel in community development, working with and alongside local people to build community strength, facilitating ways to learn and network with one another to improve the quality of life for all.

An example of this is in the support they have given to Peregrin Way TARA in Harthill. The group have been running for over 15 years. During the lockdown, the group played a pivotal role in operating the local food bank. This period saw many of the original committee stepping down, and a new committee formed to ensure the group’s continuity.

Despite these changes they have actively expanded their involvement in the community, offering a variety of activities from their neighbourhood centre. These initiatives are all purposefully designed to combat social isolation and alleviate the loneliness within their community.

Relying primarily on self-generated funds, the group delivers an impressive five sessions per week. In their commitment, the group decided to explored funding options. With the guidance and assistance of Rotherfed staff, the group successfully applied for funding.

This grant will play a vital role in supporting some of the group’s most cherished sessions, including the luncheon club, coffee mornings, gardening club, arts, and craft sessions, and the knit and natter group. Furthermore, the funds obtained will enable the group to hold four subsidised day trips for members throughout the next year.

For more information, please email or call 01709 368515. You can find information about their groups on their website too: