How can you find out what help and support is available from Rotherfed?

by | 10 February 2023 | Local Charity, Rotherham, Social Group, Support Group

Imagine having a problem and not knowing who to ask for help. How would that make you feel? Lonely, isolated, alone?

While this information can often be found online, for someone who is not digitally confident this may be a barrier to getting the information that could help them. This is why the work at Rotherfed is so important.

Rotherfed works across Rotherham, so you can usually meet them in person in your area, talking to you about the things that matter to you and helping you to access the information, advice or support that you are looking for.

They offer a wide range of help and support, such as having a regular call from a friendship volunteer, finding out what groups are running in your area you might like to join, checking what benefits and grants you may be eligible for, getting practical energy saving advice, knowing your rights or even where you can report matters to.

Rotherfed recently spoke to a resident who was unable to read their gas and electric meter due to a handrail blocking access. A call to report this to the necessary people resulted in the rail being altered quickly. The resident was also placed on the priority register of the energy company so they will come and do the readings for them.

At another group they attended, Rotherfed discovered that several members had been victims of online scams, with one person losing over £500! They had kept this information to themselves, not realising it had happened to others too. Through the discussion, and raising awareness of some of the different types of fraud to look out for, the group now knows how to protect themselves, and their friends and families, and are able to report incidents to stop others becoming victims.

As you can see, there is so much that Rotherfed can help you with, so please get in touch. You can pop along to one of their events, email or call 01709 368515.