Have you forgotten?

by | 11 May 2018 | Education and Learning, Rotherham, U3A

Remembering and forgetting are two sides of the same coin really. Between the two faces of the coin is a lifetime of different experiences and emotions, some close to the surface, others half hidden. All it takes is a spin of the coin, and old memories and pleasures re-surface, dragging with them long-forgotten skills and unexplored possibilities.
That musical instrument you used to play. Would you like to try it again within a small, relaxed group, playing your favourite music and encouraged by a practised musician? You don’t necessarily have to read music to join this proposed new U3A group. If you can play in D and G and aren’t a complete beginner, then this is for you. Contact John Statter on 01709 813530 or email Statter@talktalk.net.

Perhaps you’re a frustrated artist? If you’ve never drawn or painted a picture and would like to learn: or once enjoyed painting but have forgotten the techniques, the Wednesday Art Group welcomes both beginners and ‘lapsed’ artists. Details are available from Philip Snook on 07990 637299, or email philipsnook@mac.com.

Or what about those games of table tennis? Remember? Like me, you probably left those skills behind at a youth club table. Such a simple, inexpensive and enjoyable game, and like all forms of exercise it makes you feel good, improves mobility and co-ordination, whilst sharpening reaction time. Roger Brett is planning this new group. Be in from the first serve. Contact rogbrett63@gmail.com or 07855 644739 to find out more.

In a nation of garden lovers, memories of gardens rarely disappear. Refresh the colours on 18th May, when the gardening group visits Roundhay Park with its specialist gardens and York Gate, a compact Arts and Crafts style garden, widely considered as the best small garden of its type in the country. The cost of the coach is £15.00 in advance (£17.00 for non-U3A members), garden entrance is £8.00 including tea and cake. For more information contact Martin Ford on 01709 324672.

Rotherham U3A gardening enthusiasts will also be at ‘The Garden Lovers’ Fayre’ in All Saints Square on 26th May, answering questions about the many activities it offers in addition to exchanging gardening tips and stories.
To find out more about the U3A in Rotherham contact Tricia Macredie on 01709 370899. Just spin the coin!