Friends of Tickill War Memorial

by | 6 June 2018 | Notice, Rotherham

The Friends of Tickhill War Memorial group’s plans to renovate the War Memorial, are moving on quite quickly now, with the initial report of the works to be done arranged for early June. After that, it is a matter of obtaining two or three quotes for the work from an ICON-approved restoration company, after which the work can go ahead.

Local collecting boxes are being emptied frequently and it is thanks to those donations that the work can go ahead. So, grateful thanks are due to members of the public who have given so freely.

The group are planning a display of 1940s-type memorabilia in Deli 28 on Tickhill’s 40s Day (Saturday 9th June), and would appreciate photographs, clothing, uniforms (not just military) letters or diaries and anything connected with the era. Anything donated would be kept securely and letters/photographs can be photocopied so you can hang onto your original copies.

Please look in your attic, cellar or long forgotten boxes in cupboards and let’s see if we can enhance this event and make it even more special and personal to you. Please take anything you would like to see in a display into Lesley in Deli 28.