Far Far Away Theatre

by | 12 March 2018 | Performing Arts, Rotherham

It’s been a busy few months at Far Far Away Theatre as they enter final preparations for their debut production of ‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies’, taking place in March at the Montgomery Theatre, Sheffield.

This family show follows Robin Hood and his Merry Men on a quest to rescue Maid Marion from the hapless King John and the ruthless Sheriff of Nottingham.

Along the way there’s singing, dancing, puppetry and hilarious gaffs provided by an array of colourful characters from mystical monks to short sighted bowmen.

A unique aspect of Far Far Away is the provision of their ‘supported shows’ which cater for theatre goers with learning disabilities and other special needs. All supported shows are signed (BSL) and have volunteers from local MENCAP on hand to help audience members around the building.

Jenna Dabbs (director) explained: “Having a signed, supported show is really important to us, as we firmly believe that the theatre experience should be fully inclusive.

“We are a company that produces family shows, and in many families, and communities there are members who find a trip to the theatre challenging at times. Whether it be the loud music, the darkened atmosphere or simply navigating the building itself.

“We want our audience members to have a fantastic time from start to finish and we’ll do as much as we can to facilitate that.”

‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies’ runs for a total of four performances on 16th and 17th March, with the supported show taking place on the 17th at 11.00am.

Please be aware that currently, there is no wheelchair access at the Montgomery, but a stair climber is available when booked in advance. Tickets are priced at £12.00 each, visit www.farfarawaytheatre.co.uk or www.themontgomery.co.uk for more details.