Community working together on Rainbow Roundabout to say thank you

by | 10 July 2020 | Notice, Rotherham

Wickersley Parish Council has led the local community in decorating the main roundabout in the village in rainbow colours to show its gratitude and appreciation of everything that NHS staff and key workers have and continue to do in the continuing COVID-19 emergency.Councillor Sue Ellis, Chair of the Wickersley Parish Council, said: “We wanted to find a visual way of displaying the appreciation and thanks of everyone in our community. Our ‘Rainbow Roundabout’ has certainly captured people’s energy and enthusiasm, and we’re especially pleased at the way in which local children have got involved. This is not just about thanking NHS staff and key workers – it’s about our community working together to create this community ‘Thank You’ and creating positive memories in what have been pretty bleak times for many people.

“Once again our new Parish Facebook page has helped us to spread the word and get everyone involved. I’ve already been told many times how much people are enjoying seeing the ‘colour’ of the roundabout develop on a daily basis as people bring along their ‘railing toppers’, their pom-poms, ribbons, rainbows and other, often very personal, tributes. It’s a very big roundabout with lots of railings but everyone is doing an amazing job as they bring their own ‘Thank Yous’. And those who are socially isolating or housebound can see the amazing contributions on Facebook!”

Resident Nicky Clews said: “I’m a dialysis ward manager and did my 5k run past the roundabout this morning. It looks very beautiful and made me feel very emotional. Well done everyone, what a tremendous community we live in!”

Mum Jules Colley added: “My girls Amy and Nicole have been busy making pom-poms all week and are really are enjoying decorating the roundabout. I’m a key worker, working with patients in their own homes, and my girls know the impact COVID-19 has had on people’s lives and on my workload! So, our hearts are very much in this fantastic project!”