Community volunteers

by | 13 September 2023 | Local Charity, Rotherham

Community volunteering is a great way of not only giving something back to your community, but it can help to boost your skills and knowledge, increase your confidence, and provide you with the opportunity to meet and work with others.

The amazing volunteers at Rotherfed are responsible for how the organisation shapes its services, the types of projects they deliver, and the funding they apply for. They could not do what they do without their volunteers.

Feedback from one of their volunteers:
“I really love being a volunteer with Rotherfed tenants’ voice, we work really closely with Rotherham MBC to make sure all tenants are heard, not just at a local level but also across the country. Being on the tenants’ voice has helped me gain valuable insight into how things are run at RMBC and how best to work with them to get a better outcome for all Rotherham tenants.”

What roles are available at Rotherfed?

People can volunteer to become:

  • Trustees – volunteers who lead the charity and decide how it is run.
  • Tenant representatives – council tenant volunteers who provide a tenant voice at formal and informal meetings such as the Housing Involvement Panel and Tenant Scrutiny Panel with Rotherham Council
  • Group leaders – volunteers who run the groups and normally form part of the committee that is supported by Rotherfed to deliver their activities.
  • Project champions – volunteers who work and support the projects Rotherfed deliver.
  • Call to action heroes – volunteers offer their time on an ad-hoc basis, ie community litter picks, one-off event support, sharing information with others etc.

If you are over 18 years old and interested in volunteering, please get in touch with them. They have several flexible opportunities available that you can get involved in. Training and support is given for each role.

For more information, please email us at or call 01709 368515.