Bramley Neighbourhood Watch

by | 8 July 2023 | Notice, Rotherham, Support Group

Neighbourhood Watch is a grassroots charitable movement. It is the largest crime prevention voluntary movement in England and Wales and has upwards of 2.3 million members. Schemes are run by volunteers across England and Wales, supported by volunteer Associations, and by Neighbourhood Watch Network, the national umbrella organisation for the movement.

They believe in the power of neighbours working together to build safer, vibrant and inclusive communities, help prevent crime and make a positive, sustainable difference in communities.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes can make a real, long-lasting difference to communities: increasing cohesion and connectedness; helping to prevent crime; increasing neighbourliness and community wellbeing; supporting vulnerable people and increasing the voice of the community with councils, the police and other organisations.

One example of working with other organisations is the collaboration with Deliveroo to train their riders about crime prevention and spotting signs of hidden crimes such as modern slavery, county lines and domestic abuse.

On a local level groups work in partnership with our local PCSOs and councillors to raise issues and make life better for everyone.

Being a member provides a number of benefits and anyone joining the Bramley Neighbourhood Watch Scheme this month will receive a free welcome gift. To join visit