Award-winning filmmakers launch DVD

by | 15 July 2023 | Notice, Rotherham

A Rotherham actor and his daughter are launching a DVD of films following a successful run at international film festivals.

What started as a ‘lockdown project’ has won Dean and Rebecca and Sills over 100 awards so far.

The low-budget Western ‘A Dollar To Die For’, inspired by Dean’s love of Westerns, was shot in South Yorkshire and has now won 50 awards in international film festivals and at the time of writing still has five more film festivals to go. Find out more at

They also picked up their 50th win last month for their film ‘Pond Life’ after winning at the South Korea International Film Festival and are now busy doing all the extra bits for the DVD so they can pack plenty into the DVD release.

Dean said: “It’s hard to believe our first film The Wild Garden won only four awards during lockdown and the second one A Winter’s Tale won 36 and now Pond Life has won 50. Plus the western has won 50.

“I am a big Clint Eastwood fan so making a western was a dream come true. We made the film by using greenscreen and by building a model wild west town.”

The DVD will feature ‘A Dollar To Die For’ along with some wildlife films made by the duo. Look out for it at local stockists an on eBay.

And there’s more to come. Dean and Rebecca are continuing to make films and are currently filming Coast, a nature documentary on the Yorkshire coast, with their friend Keiron Goodwin.