Are you haunted?

by | 13 January 2020 | Notice, Rotherham

The headline does grab the attention but it is a serious question. Some believe in the paranormal and the notion of life after death and others do not. Few people appreciate that away from the staged TV shows and countless Facebook groups and YouTube ghost hunter groups there are people that have a genuine interest in this fascinating field.
Admittedly, they don’t have the same social media presence that many fame hungry groups and individuals have but they are carrying out the most compelling work and gathering the strongest evidence.

Collectively, the AfterLife Project team have over 30 years experience in investigating claims of the paranormal. Previous clients include numerous English Heritage sites, public houses and private dwellings.

The AfterLife Project are currently looking for people that are experiencing problems relating to hauntings and the paranormal. Few people appreciate the upheaval that such phenomena can cause, especially in a private residence.
They don’t judge and they approach every case that they take on with great care and maturity. Their intention is to sit down with any client, discuss the case, possibly try to record any activity and then decide where to go moving forward. They don’t employ the services of a medium, preferring instead to collect any tangible evidence (usually audio or visual) and share it with the client after the investigation along with a full and detailed report.

After reading this you’ll probably think it all sounds quite mundane, no spinning heads or floating beds but the truth is the that the paranormal world isn’t really like that. However, there is genuine activity out there being experienced by everyday, ordinary people.

If you are experiencing such activity in your home or workplace and would like their help or advice then please feel free to checkout their website,