A vision for 2020

by | 9 January 2020 | Education and Learning, Hobbies, Rotherham, U3A

Commentators often begin a new decade with predictions of what future decades will bring. Some prophecies concerning life in 2020 remain unrealised, eg cars driven by specially bred, intelligent apes. Others, predicting the failure of e-commerce, or young people’s rejection of social media, were way off-target. However, Charney’s 1997 report on the adverse effects of climatic change by 2020 is ‘spot on’.

Years later, thanks to David Attenborough and others, the disastrous, global consequences of over-consumption are widely known. Climatologists predict that however effective the remedial action, the best likely outcome is limitation, not reversal, of global warming. Recent wetter winters, warmer summers and extreme weather events will become the UK norm.

Small wonder then, that improvement of soil drainage, water conservation, choosing appropriate drought-tolerant and damp-loving plants and protecting fields and gardens from storms, have become pressing issues for UK farmers and gardeners alike. All are looking for advice on ‘climate proofing’ their plots. With this in mind, the selected topic for the 17th January meeting of Rotherham U3A Gardening group is ‘Gardening in a Changing Climate’. Without doubt, interesting questions will arise, and illuminating answers be given. By the end of the evening, as well as learning something new, everyone will have enjoyed meeting, chatting, and exchanging futuristic gardening tips with fellow enthusiasts. 2020 vision indeed! For more details contact Martin Ford on 01709 324672.

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