Whiston Heritage Society

by | 5 July 2023 | Heritage, Rother

Whiston Heritage Society (WHS) is a local history group whose objective is to research, archive and present the life and stories of Whiston village to the local community.

Founded in 2004 by a group of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and experienced residents; today they host meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at Whiston Parish Hall; featuring either an internal (WHS member) or external speaker; who presents a talk to members on either a ‘local’ topic (Whiston / Rotherham / South Yorkshire); or ‘heritage’ theme (history) that is interesting and / or relevant to our area.
For example, recent talks include:

  • Morthen Hall: a local manor house dating back to 1694.
  • George Shaw and Sitwell House: another local manor house (and its residents); plus the former site of Swinden Laboratories on Moorgate Road, Rotherham.
  • Whiston’s Radical Priest: the story of Thomas Horne; who was a Curate in Whiston in the 1890s.

Secondly, the Society have published a total of 10 books and pamphlets since their founding; as well as a guide to a walk around Whiston that takes in all of the significant local landmarks. They also work with local schools and organisations such as the WI to help inform and educate; and are always available to local residents’ enquiries.

They currently have a collection of artefacts on display in Whiston Manorial Barn; a local thatched barn renovated from 1984 to 1988 for community use; and keep an extensive archive of documents, photographs, videos and physical items curated by their late Secretary.

All are welcome to attend the Society’s meetings and get involved; as local history is democratic and belongs to everybody. They still have much work to do before they fully understand the history of Whiston.
There is an entry fee of £3.00 per person per meeting and refreshments are also served. Please see www.whiston-heritage-society.co.uk for more information.