Rotherham Hospice

by | 6 May 2024 | Community Event, Local Charity, Rother

In the heart of Rotherham, amidst the spirited chants of football fans, a remarkable initiative was born. What began as a casual conversation on a sunny morning en-route to an away game soon evolved into a significant endeavour to support the Rotherham Hospice.

The Kimmy Park Charity Cup was established in 2022, marking the beginning of an inspiring journey. Led by Reece and Jordan, the group meticulously planned every aspect of the event. From recruiting players and coaches to securing venues and organising fundraising activities, their dedication knew no bounds. With each passing week, the momentum grew, and the anticipation for the first Charity Cup reached a crescendo.

Their success in their inaugural year prompted them to keep going and in 2023 they surpassed their previous fundraising efforts, raising a staggering £2,750.

As they enter the third year of the Charity Cup, the Kimmy Park Away Days group shows no signs of slowing down. With a calendar brimming with fundraising events, including race nights, football matches, and raffles, they are determined to surpass expectations once again. Their dedication to supporting the Rotherham Hospice remains steadfast.

On Saturday 20th July 2024, the stage will be set for the main event at Phoenix Sports Pavilion, Brinsworth. As they invite the community to join them in their endeavour, they extend their gratitude to all who have supported them thus far.

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