Grimm and Co’s Emporium of Stories has opened its doors for its first Storymaking sessions

by | 15 December 2023 | Education and Learning, Local Charity, Rother

Rotherham-based literacy charity Grimm & Co welcomed the first school into their new Emporium of Stories at the end of October, with a visit from two class groups from Emmaus Catholic and Church of England Primary school.

After a tour of the Emporium of Stories, the young people from Y3 and Y4 classes discovered a secret door, finding themselves in an immersive room called the Forge of Fact and Fiction. Both classes were tasked by the grumpy voice of Graham and Grizelda Grimm to develop their own story, containing delights such as Snotabanoser (a big snot containing a chicken with three heads) who goes down slides backwards and David, the body builder, who builds bodies for magical creatures whilst wearing a dragon suit. Each child had arrived with their imaginations and left by sliding down the beanstalk as a published author of their own illustrated and beautifully bound book.

Grimm & Co purchased their permanent home on Ship Hill in early 2020, and work has been going on behind the scenes to develop the next chapter of Grimm and Co, the Emporium of Stories. The space has now been transformed, and visitors can expect the ‘Book Nook’ (bookshop), Apothecary to the Magical, a ‘Feastery’ (café), as well as four different spaces in which Grimm & Co will deliver creative writing workshops for young people aged up to 18 and creative activity programmes for families, carers and teachers.

There will be a range of opening celebrations throughout February 2024 leading up to the Grand Opening on 29th February 2024, but young people from schools across Yorkshire are getting the chance to see the space earlier in Storymaking sessions that started in November. Grimm & Co have also started out-of-school activities in this story destination, welcoming their Young Leaders this week, and starting their after-school clubs and Curiouser and Curiouser sessions for families of 0-3 years later in the month.

In the meantime, the fantastical Apothecary to the Magical is also available online for all sorts of unique and wondrous gifts, from books and stationery to story-themed scarves and handbags, from pocket-money supplies to potions like Grandma’s Scabs and Extract of Genius. All proceeds from the shop support the charity and enables Grimm & Co to provide fun, engaging creative workshops to the children and young people who need them.

Deborah Bullivant, Founding Director of Grimm & Co, said: “It was wonderful to welcome these young people into Grimm & Co’s new, exciting Emporium of Stories for the first time. The gasps of wonder and the excitement of becoming a published author in our space has made the hard work of the last three years completely worthwhile. We’re thrilled to get started here, and there will be lots more excitement to come too as Lumsden Design (world class designers) continue to work their magic. Watch this space!”

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