Fitzwilliam Wine Club

by | 8 July 2023 | Hobbies, Rother

Fitzwilliam Wine Club is a friendly and enthusiastic Wine Appreciation Society based in Whiston, Rotherham. Founded in 1986 by a group of amateur oenologists (wine enthusiasts); their goal is to explore, educate and share the wonderful world of wine – and occasionally other drinks too.

Members meet on the third Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm in Whiston Parish Hall to taste samples of seven different wines. Meetings are presented either by a member of the club; or by an invited speaker from within the wine / drinks industry and, as such, they have worked in collaboration with many local wine shops, off licences and vineyards for many years.

Their meetings usually follow a theme; recent topics have included:

  • Back to Basics: The Seven Stages of Winemaking: An exploration of how wine is produced; with each sample matched to a stage of the winemaking process.
  • A Selection of Wines from Eastern Europe: Wines from Romania, Georgia and Moldova.
  • USA Wines NOT from California: 85% of America’s wines come from California; but what about the other 15%?

Everyone is welcome to attend; your first meeting would cost £5.00 for the evening; with further meetings being charged at £8.50 per person per session. There is no annual membership fee as this is incorporated into the monthly fee. Members usually bring a few snacks and ‘nibbles’ to enjoy with the wine and wine glasses are provided. Any leftovers are raffled off at the end of the meeting – so you may even have a chance of taking your favourite wine home with you.

So why not go along and see if you can tell your Chardonnay from your Riesling; or your Pinot Noir from your Zinfandel. You might just find a new tipple of choice!
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